UniScope 2.1
by Nefedov & VOLOV
(Nefedov & VOLOV Website)

Download from the
Author's Website

Operating System:
File Size: 4 MB
License Conditions:

Free use for 14 days after which
you must register if you continue using it.
Registration: US$17

System Requirements:

DirectX 7.0 or higher, sound card or virtual audio driver

Last Updated:
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

  • Real time (on-line) interception of digital signals from any sound card or virtual device
  • Fast graphics (via DirectX 7_0 or higher)
  • All signal processing is 32 bit float
  • FFT computation from 32 up to >1048576 samples (with 0 or 50% Hanning window)
  • 16 bit WAV files off-line reading
  • Current pack plug-ins:
    • Hi-Fi analyzer (Like in audio mini-systems default)
    • Hi-Fi unique style analyzer (4 channel simulation, easy for noise interpretation)
    • High Resolution Analyzer (11..192 kHz sampling/resampling, frequency trace in time or preview of raw signal, 4 style of spectra drawing, dBFS or linear scale, spectra averaging, THD, SNR, IMD, etc)
    • Oscilloscope (trigger record to WAV, RMS in time monitor)
    • Recorder (8..96 kHz sampling, Advanced monitor, processor control, DC, NR, VOR !)
    • Frequency Meter (Highest precision)
    • Compact Spectra Analyzer (rainbow colors, fast response)
    • Smart Spectrogram (up to 4..96 kHz working band, 256 ..8192 samples, dynamic range 60..120 dB )
  • Bonus: stereo signal generator (two pure tones, brain waves, white and pulse noise...)
  • Additional plug-ins which could be downloaded through Internet:
    • FFT stereo recorder/ASCII convertor (smart, up to 255 spectra one after another)
    • advanced oscilloscope (PEAK to PEAK in time monitor, hidden clipping detection!)
    • original STEREO DEPTH EFFECT INDICATOR (2 mode)
    • cool analog style peak monitor (3 mode)
    • color music relaxation (preliminary release)
  • Create own personal plug-in (SDK is supplied for registered users) or ask UniScope's team make to order!

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I bought this program the other day and had a question which I sent the writers of the program and got a very nice response back that day. I ask if it was possible to do something extra with the program and next day it was done. You cannot find such support just anywhere. the program works great. I have a 64 track hard disk recording studio and have found many uses already for this. I recommend it highly.

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