Uniquel-izer v2.0
by RNDigital Labs
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14 Day Trial. Registration US$249.00

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VST/AU/RTAS host application.

Last Updated: 2009-04-08
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Software Description

Uniquel-izer lets you determine your ideal EQ. If you ever need more bands or filters they're just a click away.

Click to see the Uniquel-izer Manual


  • Unlimited number of fully overlappable bands.
  • Supports sampling rates up to 192 kHz.
  • Works in mono or stereo.
  • Apply different filters to each channel.
  • 11 filter types available:
    - Traditional: peaking/parametric, low/high pass, 2 low/highshelf, band pass.
    - Specialty: 4 and 8 harmonic parametrics, notch.

  • Controllable frequency, gain, bandwidth, and harmonic decay; turnoff selected harmonics per filter (where applicable).
  • Activate/deactivate filters on the fly.
  • Processing power only used for active filters.
  • Solo individual filters.
  • Output peak hold meters with clip indicators.
  • Stereo output trim fader with +/- 24 dB boost/cut.
  • Multi-processor/Advanced multi-processor (AMP) capable.

Audio Analyzer:

  • Integrated Spectrogram Analyzer.
  • Integrated FFT Spectrum Analyzer.
  • Analyzer input signal or processed signal.


  • Adjust filter settings using sliders, dragging a filter's handles on the filtergraph, or using arrows to nudge.
  • Lock individual parameters from editing.
  • Customizable frequency response display: Show only the selected filter, turn off filter handles, show/hide plot labels/scale, turn off graph shading.
  • Zoom in or out on the frequency response display.


  • Integrated SAVE and LOAD.
  • Two workspaces.
  • Copy settings between workspaces.
  • Load previously saved filters/EQs into an established EQ.
  • Delete unused filters.
  • Copy settings to other workspace or completely clear them.
  • Flexible parameter automation mechanism (only version 2.0, and higher support parameter automation).
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