Universal Music Machine
by Steve Ricks and Morgan Quigley
(Steve Ricks and Morgan Quigley Website)

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This software is freely available.

System Requirements:

Minimum suggestions: 800x600 video, 32MB RAM, 1 MB disk space, MIDI-capable sound card.

Last Updated: 2003-09-10
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Software Description

UMM assists the contemporary composer by taking care of the tedious computations required when working in some modern genres. For example, when composing a passage that needs semi-random phrases intermixed with a complicated hierarchy of nested phrases, it is quite tedious to work it out by hand. UMM allows the composer to enter the "source material," supply an algorithm (such as "random," "sequential," etc..), instantly generate the desired phrase, and listen to it immediately.

A key element of the design of UMM is that it treats differing elements of music equally. You can generate sequences of rhythms and dynamic markings just like you can generate sequences of pitches. In fact, you generate these sequences simulataneously, and UMM will combine the pitch, rhythmic, and dynamic phrases to create a final MIDI sequence which can then be imported into score editors such as Finale or Sibelius for final editing by the composer, and for merging with other traditionally-composed passages. In addition, UMM can create multiple simultaneous tracks, allowing the creation of dense and complicated textures.

UMM is currently available for Windows and Mac OS X v10.2 "Jaguar." The "download" link at right will download the Windows version -- please visit our website to get the Mac OS X version.

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