V-amplio Pro
by Elucid Software
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The demo version is fully functional except that it will quit after 4 minutes and saving is disabled. Registration can be done from within the application itself and costs US$15

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Last Updated: 2005-08-01
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Software Description

At last! A Mac OS X editor for Behringer's wonderful V-amp 2, V-amp Pro and V-ampire products.

This will breathe new life into your beloved guitar amp modeller - finally you can edit EVERY parameter to finely craft a huge array of sounds.

Fully Tiger-ready, V-amplio Pro allows you to:

  • properly visualise all those settings
  • see the amp that is being modelled
  • have full control over every effect - you can't do this from the hardware device itself!
  • set the delay in milliseconds
  • easily turn on or off whole sections - amp, drive, cabinet, effects
  • save patches back to the V-amp in any location
  • set the Live EQ
  • easily choose a configuration for Studio or Live use

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Thank you

At last Mac software for editing V-amp Pro patches. I have waited 2 years for something like this! Keep up the good work.

Re: no thanks

Sounds like you haven't used it yet. It doesn't work. Period. Vapourware.

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