VBRhapsody v1.0
by Oliver Linton
(Oliver Linton Website)

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Last Updated: 2009-03-02
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Software Description

VBRhapsody (or VBR) for short is a powerful music composition and editing tool.

Using VBR you can enter, edit and print musical scores usung standard musical notation. You can also play your scores on a MIDI instrument and additionally, you can use a MIDI instrument to help enter musical data.


  • Over 100 standard musical symbols
  • Fast note entry using the computer keyboard or a MIDI instrument
  • Lots of block editing features including copying, shifting and transposition
  • Comprehensive facilities for MIDI playback including volume and tempo changes, emphasis and rubato
  • Customisable instrument data lists
  • High quality printed output with lots of control over pagination etc.
  • Easy extraction of individual parts
  • MIDI file export

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An exercise in frustration!

Is this really honest freeware? I'm not sure. All I know is that I can't print without registering and I can find no way to register. So I don't know if there's a charge.

The program says that to find out how to register, consult the help files. There is no search facility on this, and I for one can see no clue about how to register.

It looks quite good, but not if I can't print!

Re: An exercise in frustration!

Try contacting the software author and letting him know about your frustration: jolinton@btinternet.com

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