OrangeVocoder 3.4
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Last Updated: 2012-09-07
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Software Description

With the advent of digital audio, realistic simulation of analog filters and circuitry has become a science of itself. We are very proud of being able to deliver you the perhaps fastest, most flexible and most transparent sounding simulation of an analog vocoder effect as a new plug in for your favourite host, created by the same people who devloped our virtual analog NorthPole Resonant Filter. Following the long tradition of German Vocoder manufacturers, Prosoniq offers you an all-digital simulation of a realistic analog vocoder effect that is fully customizable and comes with an 8-voice virtual analog synthesizer unit, Freeform EQ and Filterbank Reverb, all in one plug in.

The new 10th Anniversary AudioUnit Edition ships now at a recommended retail price of 169 EUR, upgrades/crossgrades to 10AE from previous 2.x versions (including RTAS and VST versions) are available at 29 EUR.

Changes in v3.4

  • BugFix for crashes and freezes with Carbon-based hosts on 10.8 Mountain Lion.
  • Improved compatibility with the latest MacOS X 10.7 Lion.
  • The 64bit version of the plug ins is now installed by default.

New in v3.3.6
This version improves general stability and fixes several issues that have been reported, including numerical instabilities on PPC systems. This version also includes a separate Mac OS X 10.4/Carbon compatible build, which will likely be the last build that Prosoniq will release for this legacy OS.

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Orange vocoder

Is the vst version Orange vocoder compatible with Logic Audio 4.7 platinum running on mac?

Re: Orange vocoder

: Is the vst version Orange vocoder compatible with Logic Audio 4.7 platinum running on mac?
: Thanks

vocoder program changes

how do i record program changes w/ the orange vocoder. i want to be able to change the synth keys. can i also record any other variables on the edit page (eq, filter, reverb, ect.)?

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