VST Roomulator Kit 1.4
by Prosoniq
(Prosoniq Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 640K
License Conditions:
System Requirements:

Cubase VST required

Last Updated: 1999-03-01
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Software Description

This set of 5 new Prosoniq plug ins for Steinberg Cubase VST implements a powerful and versatile reverb effect into your VST environment. Optimized for different size ambiences, the Roomulator toolkit provides highly flexible, natural sounding reverb which even meets the highest requirements of today's studio standard. Dense Hall Reverb with canyon-like decay times as well as simulating narrow spaces or closeup situations in utmost quality and brilliance are provided to all your recordings with this all-in-one reverb effects kit. The intuitive 2D manipulation capabilities let you easily adjust the overall room timbre while listening to the results in real time. No matter whether you are recording guitar, acoustic instruments or voice, this powerful tool will place your intruments to pleasantly integrate in a clear and brilliant mixdown. It really is an indispensable tool for all who are producing music on Steinberg's versatile Cubase VST platform, and once you've tried it, you won't do without.

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