VinylStudio v7.5.4
by AlpineSoft
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Operating System:
File Size: 3.1 MB
Price: USD 29.95
License Conditions:

Record a maximum of 5 albums.

System Requirements:

500Mhz Pentium III or faster CPU. 256MB or more RAM.

Last Updated: 2010-08-12
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Software Description

VinylStudio has all the features you need to digitize your vinyl albums and cassette tapes: it records, splits recordings into tracks, cleans up your recordings, burns CDs and copies tracks to your MP3 player or iPod. It can also look up track listings on the Internet.

VinylStudio is designed to be quick to learn and easy to use. Rollover 'tooltips' provide handy cues for new users, shortcut keys speed things up as you gain experience and almost all operations can be undone (and redone), making VinylStudio a productive and forgiving working environment.

VinylStudio has a powerful and flexible declicker, and we have now added hiss, hum and rumble filters and a graphic equaliser, all of which work in real time - i.e. there is no need to scan the entire file first (or indeed ever). And if your recordings are badly scratched, you might appreciate the new Patch feature.

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I love this program! I have converted over 200 LPs and several tapes without a hitch and I would recommend VinylStudio to anyone with a record collection of any size.

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