CUBE v2.5.1
by VirSyn
(VirSyn Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 105.3 MB
License Conditions:

Saving disabled, only 256 presets and every 20 seconds sound will fade away shortly. Registration: EUR 249.00

System Requirements:

PowerPC G4 400 Mhz (Altivec required !), 128 MB RAM, Mac OS 9, Mac OS X version 10.2

Last Updated: 2014-10-10
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

CUBE 2 is a musical instrument and the ultimate tool for sound designers who wish to have instant and intuitive access to all principal components every imaginable sound is build from. Every sound can be decomposed in a sine spectrum representing the harmonic and inharmonic partials and a residual noise spectrum for the noise components.

The spatial character of a sound can be represented by a pan spectrum. The temporal evolution of these three spectra is a very convenient way to describe every sound. CUBE 2 is built around this model and allows you to manipulate the structure of a sound with all its components in a comfortable and musical way.


8 independent additive synths

  • four morphable sound sources
  • 512 partials per voice
  • harmonic/inharmonic spectra
  • arbitrary noise spectra
  • morphable filter banks
  • ensemble
  • 3 Envelopes with tempo sync
  • 64 time/level segments per envelope
  • 2 LFOs

8 Effect racks

  • Chorus/Phaser/Flanger
  • Distortion
  • Echo/Delay
  • Reverb



  • standalone and plugin
  • VST support
  • Up to 8 independent outputs

User Interface

  • Unique design
  • MIDI learn function

    New in v2.5.1

    • Bugfix for GUI not working properly on some hosts.
    • Bugfix for instability problems with Flanger/Chorus when in 64bit version.

    New in v2.3

    • 64-bit

    New in v2.2

    • Spectrum analyser vastly improved for inharmonic/noisy spectra.
    • Sound bank “Art of CUBE” with 64 presets.
    • Library with over 40 new analysed spectra.
    • PC: manual morphing now possible again.
    • Pitchbend problems fixed.
    • Ableton Live: Crash on VST scan fixed.
    • Ableton Live: GUI refresh problem fixed.
    • Pre VST 2.4 host compatibility improved.
    • Freeze problem with analysis mode “Noise” fixed.
    • Pitchbend/Modulation wheel on GUI exchanged.
    • Mac: File dialogs remember last location according to file type.
    • Modulation of Brightness via Modwheel fixed.
    • Intel based Macs: Overdrive effect couldn't change type.
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