Vocal Coach Choir 2.0
by Liz Capalan Vocal Studios, LLC
(Liz Capalan Vocal Studios, LLC Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 65.8 MB
Price: USD 4.99
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System Requirements:

iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with iOS 4.0 or later

Last Updated: 2011-08-25
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

The Vocal Coach Choir is a vocal training, tutorial and recording application.

Liz Caplan Vocal Studios utilized their 30 years worth of experience in the field of vocal coaching to develop the Vocal Coach Choir. This iOS app contains vocal exercises, training information for increasing vocal range, tone development, vocal health maintenance.

Users will find increased confidence, enjoyment, and pride in their own vocal sound. This app also touches on proper blending, teaches on how to increase vocal power and projection. The Vocal Coach Choir app was designed to help users sing better. And this specific version is aiming to help out choir directors improve the quality of their choir.

Changes in Vocal Coach Choir 2.0

  • Videos are updated
  • Exercises to help Pitch Accuracy
  • Internet access is no longer required for operation
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