Voice of the GoatCactus v1.02
by David Cumming
(David Cumming Website)

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File Size: 1.9 MB
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Demo does everything but save; not time limited; registration fee US$30

System Requirements:

Mac OS X (10.1 or later required; 10.2.8 and QuickTime 6.4 or later recommended)

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Software Description

Voice of the GoatCactus taps into the
self-organizing powers of the integers to enable users to produce an
infinite variety of original music. You don't have to know anything
about mathematics or music composition to use this software. Just
press a button, and Voice of the GoatCactus creates musicians, gives
them instruments, combines them with a conductor to form a band and
starts them playing. The accent here is on effortless fun.

Voice of the GoatCactus includes the Crystalline Eye of the
GoatCactus, which presents the user with a multi-colored visual
representation of the music as it plays.

Users have the ability to influence the style of music that Voice of
the GoatCactus creates. For example, you can easily let Voice of the
GoatCactus know that you like fast, choppy music played by 6 to 8 very
inventive musicians with short attention spans who like to closely
collaborate with each other. Furthermore, if you really like tubas,
bagpipes and harpsichords but never want to hear oboes or bassoons,
you can specify that too. Voice of the GoatCactus can also use
existing bands as templates for new ones, by creating variations or
combinations of the originals.

Users can modify previously-created music to suit their tastes, either
by asking Voice of the GoatCactus to change an existing band, or by
making the changes themselves using the point-and-click interface of
the Studio window.

Some features of Voice of the GoatCactus include:

  • bands are created within studios, each with its own
  • user-settable musical style;
  • each studio can contain an unlimited number of bands;
  • each band can produce an infinite amount of music;
  • entire studios and individual bands can be saved to disk;
  • band music can be exported in MIDI format;
  • all music is royalty-free;
  • 1 to 15 musicians per band;
  • 179 instruments;
  • 348 key signatures;
  • 28 time signatures;
  • 1760 Eye focuses, each one showing a different view of the
    musical landscape;

  • tempo is adjustable from 3 to 300 quarter notes per minute with no change in pitch;
  • easy-to-use point-and-click visual interface;
  • built-in user manual, accessible through the Help menu;
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