Voice Trap v2.0
by Clone Ensemble
(Clone Ensemble Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 800 KB
License Conditions:

You cannot adjust any of the settings, so you are hardwired to a single preset. Registration: US$25.00

System Requirements:

VST/DX Host application.

Last Updated: 2008-09-03
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Voice Trap allows you to remove or isolate a vocal from an audio track.

Traditionally you can remove the vocal from a stereo track by subtracting the left channel from the right but generally you only got mono output, the bass was missing, the mix sounded terrible, and you could only remove the vocal, not isolate it.

Voice Trap uses a sophisticated FFT algorithm that overcomes all these problems; the output is stereo, the bass frequencies are left untouched, the mix is largely preserved, and you can choose to remove the vocal OR isolate it.

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hey guys i havent download

hey guys i havent download voice trap from this site but anyone with questions about the password, go back into you zip file you extracted and look at the contents, there should be a document in there...open it and you will find the name and password for your vst. listen, anytime you download ANYTHING as a zip, always keep the docs and read them, i cant stress this enough because i used to just throw that stuff put as well, although reading may be the last thing your trying to theres ussually super important shit in those files that absolutely need to know :) your welcome

Free version

Hi , I wanted to try your software and downloaded both the stand alone version and the other one but I cant use it. When I open the executable file it asks me to go to your website and register it. I thought there was a trial version, am I missing something....?

Ive downloaded this plug-in!

Ive downloaded this plug-in and it ask me to buy the original version?

Re: Ive downloaded this plug-in!

Can you explain abit further?

When does it ask you to buy the original version?

What exactly does it say?

And just to double check, you do realise that it is a demo and you need to purchase the product to get full functionality?

Voice Trap

This isn't tooo great for isolating vocals from a full song, but for individual vocal tracks, it's an excellent gate.

It blocks out all noise, without any annoying buzzes.

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