Volume Logic for Macintosh iTunes v1.3.2
by Plantronics Volume Logic Group
(Plantronics Volume Logic Group Website)

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File Size: 1.8 MB
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30 Day Trial. Registration: US$19.95

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Last Updated: 2007-04-24
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Software Description

Volume Logic makes all your tunes sound louder and punchier while bringing out subtleties you never knew existed. With automatic adjustment of volume dynamics and spectral balancing, songs are corrected thousands of times per second. The result: you'd think you bought a new set of speakers.

Our broadband technology has been used by radio professionals and webcasters--but you don't have to be a pro to use its simple interface.


  • 18 presets for customizing the processor to your musical tastes
  • Level matching to intelligently raise low levels and keep loud signals under control
  • Multi-band dynamics processing restores spectral balance to your music library
  • Twelve look-ahead peak limiters provide distortion-free transient control
  • Bass Boost provides "more bass at all frequencies"
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