Voxengo Elephant 4.2
by Voxengo
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VST host application.

Last Updated: 2015-06-01
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Software Description

Elephant is a transparent mastering limiter plug-in for professional music production applications - it provides sound limiting and loudness maximization without any audible "pumping" effects.

Elephant features a variety of limiter modes that can be deeply customized, and a comprehensive set of level metering tools. It can be used for mixing and mastering of both stereo and multi-channel music and sound material, at any standard sample rate.

Elephant, also featuring a DC offset filter, and a high-quality bit-depth converter with optional noise-shaping, allows you to finish your music and audio productions with a spark.


  • Transparent limiting action
  • 8 limiter modes
  • 7 speeds for various styles of music
  • Gain reduction VU meters
  • Noise-shaped bit-depth converter
  • RMS and peak RMS output counters
  • Automatic attack and release
  • DC removal filter
  • Up to 4x oversampling
  • "A-to-B" comparisons
  • Factory presets
  • Mono-to-Stereo, Stereo-to-Stereo processing
  • Sample rates up to 96 kHz
  • '64-bit internal precision

Changes in v4.2

  • Implemented color scheme editor with load and save functions.
  • Added "Brown" and "White" color schemes.
  • Redesigned the infrastructure controls.
  • Made internal channel names start at "C" to reduce confusion with the A/B comparison buttons.
  • Reduced plugin file size considerably for faster loading.
  • Reduced the overall memory consumption.
  • Fixed the "out/in" meter which was not taking the "Out Gain" into account.

Changes in v4.1

  • enhancedthe "EL-4" algorithm reducing transient distortion and "boxiness": the sound is more biting less woofing now.
  • Enhanced oversampling filters reducing chances of overshoots.
  • "EL-4 BRITE" factory limiter mode.
  • Extended the input gain range to +24 dB.
  • Extended the output gain range to -15 dB.
  • Made the "Eval" switch to not affect the output statistics.
  • Extended the "Release Shape" range to 2, offers an extreme punch and "hardness", via an idealized S-curve release shape.
  • Output signal level will never exceed 1 dB over the Out Gain setting.

Changes in v4

  • Added a new "EL-4" limiter mode, with less harmonic coloration.
  • Added a new "Dynamic Release Control" limiter stage.
  • Added a new "Timing" limiter mode parameter.
  • Added a new "Release to Attack Ratio" limiter mode parameter.
  • Added a new "Release Shape" limiter mode parameter.
  • Added input level meter together with the threshold mark.
  • Implemented the "Eval" limiter's evaluation mode.
  • Added the "Trans View" transient visualization.
  • Made the "In Gain" and "Out Gain" knob ranges more practical.
  • Magnified the "Out Gain" knob's scale around 0 dB.
  • Made changes to the "Trans Time" parameter stutter-free.
  • The output statistics are now automatically reset if any parameter that influences the output statistics was changed.
  • Added "EL-4", "COMPACT" and "EXPANDED" factory limiter modes.

Changes in v3.11

  • Added "dBFS.30" and "dBFS.15" metering options.
  • Bugfix for "Bypass" switch, now bypasses all processing stages completely, including the dithering stage.
  • Bugfix for minor spectral error when switching oversampling from 8X to 4X or from 4X to 2X.
  • Added VST3 support.

Changes in v3.10

  • Bugfix for DC filter issue with oversampling switch fixed.
  • Bugfix for Occasional crashes with oversampling enabled fixed.

Changes in v3.9

  • The "Min Infrastructure" user interface display mode added.
  • The "Flat Level Meters" level meter display mode added.
  • Version change history information window added.
  • The "Do Not Show Latency Changes" global switch added.
  • Native 64-bit AudioUnit and VST support on Mac OS X added.

New in v3.6

  • Real-time gain reduction and waveform graphs implemented.
  • Mid/side and side-chain routing presets now appear dimmed to reduce confusion.
  • Parameter automation on AU Mac OS X now shows real parameter values.
  • Preset "update" function implemented in the preset manager.
  • The "VST Function Sync" global switch was added that fixes crashes in some hosts (i.e. Tracktion).
  • "Density mode" implemented in level meters.
  • Occasional extreme CPU overloads eliminated at the expense of average increased CPU load.
  • "Pure+3" output metering mode's peak indicator is now 3 dB lower.
  • "Pure" and "Pure+3" metering modes are now known as "dBFS" and "dBFS+3" modes, respectively.
  • The "No Multi-Channel Operation" global switch was added that fixes incompatibility with some non-VST2.3 compliant VST hosts.
  • DC filter parameters are now specified for all channel groups to avoid phasing problems.
  • The "Show All Channel Meters" routing switch added.
  • Statistics "reset" function now resets statistics of all channels correctly.
  • A minor issue fixed in the dithering stage.
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