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Last Updated: 2001-05-01
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Software Description

This effect chops up a fixed loop length of incoming audio into 16 parts and allows you to position each of the parts in any order (with redundancy) and specify the level, pan, and whether each part is reversed. You can really mutate a drum beat or vocal part, or just make a single snare drum reversed and not touch the rest. The best way of understanding the effect is to fiddle with it.


  • BPM: (40-260 bpm) Tempo in beats per minute
  • BPMFine: (-1 - 1 bpm) Tempo fine tune
  • Length: (1/32 - 2 notes) Loop length of the effect
  • FeedBk: (0-1 amount) Feedback amount
  • TrigSens: (0-1 amount) Sensitivity of loop triggering
  • PosSmooth: (0-1 amount) Position change smoothing amount (cross fade length)
  • LevSmooth: (0-1 amount) Level change smoothing amount
  • PanSmooth: (0-1 amount) Pan change smoothing amount
  • Pos: (0-F position) 16 positions of loop segments
  • Rev: (yes/no) 16 reverse switches of loop segments
  • Lev: (0-1 amount) 16 level amounts of loop segments
  • Pan: (0-1 amount) 16 pan positions of loop segments

Note 1: To hear VReorder properly you should use it as an insert, or send audio to it "pre" fader and mute the audio itself. The latter can be done with the "mute" and "pre" buttons on the channel EQ/Effects send dialog.

Note 2: Due to the nature of VReorder it will not make any sound until a full loop length has passed. This is not a bug, so it must be a feature!

Note 3: To get a repeating loop you need to set the BPM to as near as possible to the song BPM. Within about 0.05 is fine, and slightly above is better than slightly below. You may also need to adjust the trigger sensitivity.

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