VSamp v3.7.2
by Malcolm Haylock
(Malcolm Haylock Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 7.3 MB
License Conditions:

Registration: US$39.00

System Requirements:

MacOS 9 and X (PowerPC only); OMS 2.0 or later; Sound Manager 3.1 or later, An OMS or FreeMIDI-compatible sequencer

Last Updated: 2008-09-30
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

VSamp is a long-awaited program that turns the Macintosh into an OMS and Sound Manager compatible multitimbral sample playback module. Configured like a simple sampler, VSamp can be setup to playback on 16 MIDI channels with up to 32 samples per channel, mapped and enveloped to user-defined configurations. This can then be driven by an OMS compatible sequencer, or the included application 'OMS Thru' running on the same computer. VSamp also includes a VST plugin that can play VSamp instruments from your sequencer.

  • 128 voice polyphony
  • 24-bit/96kHz support
  • Resonant lowpass filters with realtime control
  • Low frequency oscillators to modulate pitch and filters
  • A VST plugin for playing VSamp instruments and banks from within Cubase, Logic and other sequencers
  • The most stable and CPU-efficient sample player around

Package contains

  • VSamp application
  • VSamp VST plugin
  • VSamp VST Carbon plugin
  • VSamp AU plugin
  • VSamp Manual (Acrobat .pdf file)
  • Demonstration instrument

New in v3.7.2

  • Automatically set sample levels to give constant loudness using Auto Levels command.
  • Fixed problem with multiple instances of VSamp VST under Cubase 4.
  • Fixed problem where VSamp application would give distorted (buzzing) sound due to incorrect sample rate.
  • VSamp Classic now has a larger memory allocation to fix startup problems under OS9.
  • Fixed problem loading some types of AIFF files.

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playing vsamp with cubase 3.5

I cannot get vsamp to play using oms 2.3 and cubase 3.5 using the oms iac bus.It works with the guitar example which comes with the program but not with any samples I put in to the main screen box. I think this might be to do with the resource column as in the given guitar example this is laid out differently

Any suggestions from the author or anyone.

I have not sent off my shareware fee for the software yet as I want to make sure it works before I do so

NB I will only be using it for triggering off samples from Cubase so it is important for me that this feature works otherwise the software is useless for me


ni coment at this time

I really could use some help

You know I am looking for something like the gigasampler but for Mac, does anybody knows something like that

Re: I really could use some help

: You know I am looking for something like the gigasampler but for Mac, does anybody knows something like that

yes. sampletank has the same ability as giga to play back large samples - like 128 mb - directly from you're harddrive. check out www.sampletank.com.

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