Aldo's WAVEdit v1.2
by Aldo Vargas
(Aldo Vargas Website)

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Last Updated: 2002-05-24
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Software Description

Wave file editor for Pianito-MicroStudio, that lets you merge wave samples, cut/edit wave FX and convert WAVE files created with Pianito-MicroStudio into MP3 files. Enhance your recorded songs producing professional quality wave/mp3 files.

  • Cut/Edit wave samples (8-bit and 16-bit, mono and stereo)
  • Merge several wave samples into a single file
  • Save in MP3 format using LAME
  • Fade in/out of wave samples
  • Invert wave samples

In this version:

  • New Frequency Analyzer
  • Improved sample area selection
  • New keyboard shortcuts to common functions of Wave Editor window: F5=Play, F8=Loop, Ctrl+S=Save, Ctrl+F=Zoom, Ins=Append, Ctrl+V=As Paste New, Ctrl+Enter=Apply
  • Start by default in Wave to MP3 Converter mode

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its free!!!

Re: Info.

I am told there is a device that will let one play a cd, or a record and this device will print out exactly what was played( music notation) this a wave file device?

Regards Mark

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