Wave Rider 2.1.16
by Quiet Art
(Quiet Art Website)

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Fully functional version will have momentary interruptions. Registration: US$129

System Requirements:

RTAS/AAX host application.

Last Updated: 2012-06-29
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Wave Rider analyzes audio signal level of tracks and creates real-time volume automation information.

The main advantage of Wave Rider over standard dynamics control plug-ins is that Wave Rider attenuates or increases the levels depending on the incoming level, resulting in a smooth, uncolored signal. After an automation pass, Wave Rider can be taken off the track, and the automation can be altered if so desired.


  • Maintain a user selectable nominal output level on the inserted track.
  • Apply automatic "ducking" via volume faders, and not rely on third party compressors.
  • "Auto Park" faders during silence, creating automatic mixing capabilities.

New in v2.1.16

  • New Windows version
  • AAX format support

New in v2.1

  • OSX Lion compatibility
  • Trace Mode added

New in v2.0

  • Averaging mode Algorithm
  • Smoother Classic Mode
  • Ducking Mode
  • Parking Mode
  • Overhauled UI
  • Changed default output level to -20dbfs

New in v1.4

  • Major improvements to Wave Rider's algorithm. Now, with new low level detection, and the help of "Silence Level" and "Behaviour" sliders, you can dial in the perfect combination that will give you the most natural volume riding.
  • Improved response time. Now, Wave Rider generated automation lags only 40ms rather than 300ms, thanks to the redesign of the MIDI driver.
  • This version of Wave Rider supports iLok authorization.
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