Well Tempered Fractal v3.0

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Last Updated: 1995-07-17
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Software Description

Generates musical melodies by mapping fractals to music. Ten fractal types, twenty-one scale types and twenty symmetry operators. Remap, change symmetries and rhythms, change fractal types on the fly. Toggle between plain and textured images.

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Can't download

Hi, read some reviews (ancient ones mind you) about Well Tempered Fractal, and have decided I'd like to try out the program. I find it's refreshing to try out older tech (fewer pesky pop-ups and "user-friendly" features, and often more encouraging of non-conventional progression to desired outcome).

But to get to the point, the download link appears to be broken. Any chance this could be remedied? Thanks

-A non-Mouse

Problem downloading


I'd like to try this software but I'm having trouble with the link. It redirects to page cannot be displayed. Can you send me the file please?

Thank you

WTF Lives!

Amazing to see that this program is still around. I just used it to complete a project in a music technology project at a local college. Who would have known in 1995 that "WTF" would become an often used acronym many years later in emails and on the internet!


What about other OSes..?

GNU Linux version, please!



Comments from the Author

WTF30 is a tool for composers. Although you don't have
to have musical ability to amuse yourself, the real
value of this program is in providing composers with
fractal-based melodies and rhythms in the form of
midi event files, which can then be used as the basis
of their own compositions. The musical output of this
program is intended to be raw material to be manipu-
lated by composers in a sequencer.

Please disregard the request for shareware donations
for this program found in the manual. It will not be
further developed in this form. If it is upgraded in
the future, the version will be destined for Windows

In addition, the email address in the manual is no
longer operative. The author may be contacted at

Re: Comments from the Author

Dear Robert,

I havn't managed to try your sofware yet. I lecture at the University of Westminster and am very interested in generative music composition. Let me know if you get this and maybe we could have a chat sometime.

John Eacott

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