WusikGrooveBox v1.2.0
by Wusik
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VSTi host application.

Last Updated: 2008-08-29
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Software Description

WusikGrooveBox is a "Total Groove Solution" based on the same engine as Wusikstation.

Features / specification:

  • VSTi Synth based on the WusikEngine: 6 single Osc Layers, each layer with its own set of Filters and EQs.
  • Extra options for the WusikSND format: Stereo-Pan (for mono sounds) and Choke-groups. This is accessible via the sample-editor and used only by the WusikGrooveBox.
  • 8 Sequences on the screen, with a two-page-selector for a total of 16 Sequences.
  • Each Sequence has 16 steps on the screen. Each step can be a drum-trigger and note-sequence (each Sequence has an option of Drum or Note steps). A total of 64 steps can be set for each pattern, by using multiple 16-step windows.
  • 8 Banks of 8 Patterns for a total of 64 Patterns per instance.
  • Song mode, where you put the order of the patterns to be played. With option to Repeat Patterns and Loop the whole Song.
  • Option to Sync the Clock External or Internally (with the External Sync ON the sequence will follow the Hosts Transport Time, Position, Start and Stop).
  • Each pattern has its own resolution: 1/16 or 1/32.
  • Each pattern has its own number of steps. To allow the creation of uneven patterns. Up to 64 Steps.
  • Each Step has an option of 8 levels of Velocity (volume). This is optional, you can also use the Accent Part instead. For easier and quicker groove creation.
  • A 9th Sequence on the screen, that holds the ACCENT sequence. This is OPTIONAL, as you can also set the volume of each Step manually. Or you can use this global ACCENT (volume) setting that will affect all sequences.
  • Each Step has a SHIFT option, so you can add early/late steps directly without having to change the resolution (internally all steps are based on a 1/128 resolution).
  • Each Step has FLAM option.
  • Each Step has a Slide and Note-Off option, for complex Bass/Synth lines.
  • Global Swing option.
  • You can control the steps by using the Mouse, PC or MIDI keyboard.
  • You can trigger patterns remotely by using the MIDI keyboard. With 3 modes: Off, Instant and Delayed.
  • Global BPM Tempo or Per-Pattern Tempos. So you can do tempo changes on a Song.

New in v1.2.0

  • Now you can Save/Load Patterns and Sequence lanes. You have the option to save/load single or all patterns. And also only the sequence lane you right-clicked on. Keep in mind that the Accent lane uses another file-format as it has less options. (no flam, shift, note-off, glide)
  • Added In the file-browser: HoldGrooveBox option. When selected and loading a preset, it will keep the previous groove data.
  • Added option on the sequence-list: Learn Drum-Note. When selected, it will use any midi-note as the drum-note for the selected sequence. Once you are happy with the results, select it again to make it STOP learning notes. (it will not turn itself off, you need to select the option again)
  • Added Sequence-Lane-Steps Copy and Paste.
  • Added Random Velocity and Shift options for each Sequence. This is found on the Sequence-List. (on the left) Note that when using the random velocity, each step will be an On/Off step, the velocity you input is overwrite by the random values. Each time the pattern starts again, it will put new random variations to each step.
  • Added Menu-options for most options: Number of Steps, Resolution, Steps-Pages, ... Just click and release, without moving the mouse, and a menu will popup. You can still click-hold and tweak the value by moving the mouse up and down. Also, clicking on the Seq-Page will switch pages.
  • Added a new right-click option for the steps-lanes: Auto Follow and Only Upper. This is a global setting saved on the main wIni file.
  • Double clicking on a step will set to Note-Off.
  • Clicking on the left side of the step will active Slide. (like flam, but on the left)
  • The On/Off option for the GBox Sequence Layer acts as a Play/Stop button. Hitting ENTER anywhere also works as play/stop. You can also use the ENTER key anywhere to start/stop the sequence.
  • The On/Off will blink to the BPM. You can turn this off by using the Global menu.
  • Clicking and dragging the mouse while holding the CONTROL key let you fine-tune several steps at once. Like you do with the Wusikstation's Wavesequencer steps.
  • Clicking on the Resolution now won't show a menu, it will cycle from 1/16 to 1/32 and back.
  • Added shortcuts to enter the GBox arena: G or =+ also Tab works now. And ENTER play/stop from anywhere.
  • Fixed the External Sync problems. (specially with Reaper)
  • Clicking on the Song "End" will switch from "Loop" to "End" and vice-versa.
  • Each pattern has a right-click "Play N Times" option now.
  • Added better Drum-Note selector, using one menu instead of two.
  • Added Reset options for the steps-lanes. Including resetting only Velocity or Shift.
  • Clicking on a step to "delete" it will reset all parameters for that step.
  • Ctrl+Click on the Shift will reset it to middle. (no shift)
  • Added Midi-Output options.
  • Clicking on a sequence-lane-name and holding the mouse lets you change the drum or midi-cc note directly by dragging up and down. If the lane destination is OFF, it will set to Midi-Channel 1 by default. You can hold the Control key to change the destination, or the Shift key to change the mode.
  • New Global option added: Set All Midi-Out.
  • Changed the list of notes to 000-127 list while in Midi-CC mode.
  • Fixed Song-End, it was playing a note from the first step before stopping.
  • Fixed the DATA Folder Registry problem.
  • Fixed/improved several other things.
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