X-Spat Controller 1.6
by Luigi Agostini
(Luigi Agostini Website)

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Last Updated: 2005-05-05
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

X-Spat Controller is a freeware that provides full control via MIDI over the 202 real time parameters of any A&G X-Spat DSP Expansion product. It includes Stereo or Mono Source Position Manager, Patchbay and Surround/Spatialisation Presets windows. For each channel, you can control also the following parameters:

Input Level, Input LPF Cutoff, Gain Enhance, Input HPF Cutoff, Bell Factor, Attenuation, Doppler Depth, ITD Depth, Front-Rear Spectral Enhance and the Speakers X,Y and Z Position.

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