XG On Stage
by AlexisV
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Pentium, 32 MB Ram, 5 MB HD, Midi ports

Last Updated: 2003-03-18
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

XoS is devoted to controlling the XG (Yamaha's extended midi) electronical instruments.

Features :

  • Instrument definitions (cakewalk format)
  • 16 channel individual configurations
  • Control of the main midi parameters (chorus, reverb, brightness, harmony, variation...)
  • Complex splitting of the input controllers (master keyboard for example), with octave transposition
  • Routing of the messages from the input midi ports to one or more output channels, allowing to play on several channels at the same time and obtain deeper sounds
  • Chorus, reverb and variation's type control (may work only with yamaha instruments with on the pre-beta 0.1)
  • Saving and loading of preset files, this permits to configures your software in one click.

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Should Work Okay With Casio INS Files Too

I've not tried it yet, but after looking over the Yamaha INS files included, this should work just as well with all the latest Casio keyboards for the last few years as well. They are all based on the very same Yamaha XG controller numbers. All you need are the Casio instrument-definition files. I've found no major differences between them. Some of the Yamaha instrument definition files don't have RPN and NRPN control codes, same as the Casios. Most of those controls are duplicated in the "Controller Names" anyway. For that matter, if this is only based on the instrument-definition files, then it should work with any Cakewalk INS files for any brand of keyboard. Can it not?

xg on stage is great!

I've been using xg on stage in the rehearsal room and it's great - can't wait to try it at a gig!

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