Zero-X BeatCreator v3.01
by Peter Segerdahl

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Save/Export/Send is disabled. The included PolyStretcher is limited to 30 days of use.

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Last Updated: 2004-05-23
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Software Description

Zero-X BeatCreator provides tools to process your loops in many groovy ways.

After slicing the loop in BeatCreator, there are lots of tools to re-arrange, process, quantize, replace, edit, etc each slice in the loop without any use of external hardware or software.

When the loop is finished "processed", you can either export the loop as a single sample to be used in your sampler or loop based software such as Acid and others. Or you can export the slices as individual samples into a variety of file formats such as: REX, SF2, MAP, WAV and FruityLoops.

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help please

i just download that beat maker but i don't know how to use it ( i unzipped it already ) i just wanna know how to make beats ...

regarding BeatQuantizer

Hi i was wondering though i know it has'nt anything to do whit beatcreator. if there is any problems using cubase sx3 regarding the BeatQuantizer is it is possible to export and import normal wav files?

ps. i am from Denmark and as you can see i am not a scientist in English but i hope you understand me;-)


is there a Linux version of this program,or a similar one for linux??

Error exporting to .trk

I'm trying to use Zer-X beat Creator to turn my own custom wav loops that I made in Cool Edit into .TRK files for use with my DM2 Mix-Man's software... I can't get it to do the export without an error, and it only supports MONO files. All of mine are stero.

having trouble

Dear Manuel,

I have been having trouble getting your program 2 run. Please write back with help!!!!

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