Bitwig Studio v1.3.11
by Bitwig
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File Size: 147 MB
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Saving and exporting disabled. Registration: $399

System Requirements:

5 GB free disk space, Minimum 1280 x 768 screen resolution, Minimum 2 GB RAM, Multicore CPU

Last Updated: 2016-07-04
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Software Description

Bitwig is a multi-platform DAW software designed for both live performance and studio recording.

This software features a distinct integrated user interface that combines DAW and virtual instrument workflows that will let you produce and perform at the same time. The software features several display profiles that will let you personalize the interface to match your available hardware and preference.

Built into Bitwig Studio are important DAW features that include 32 and 64 bit VST support, multitrack recording, layered editing, dynamic object inspector and many more. Live performance features include bounce/slice, unified modulation system and advanced controller support.

Other features include:

  • Plug-in crash protection
  • Time-stretching technology
  • Multi-display support for up to 3 monitors
  • Unlimited tracks
  • Note and audio expressions
  • Unified Modulation System
  • Automatic sample slicing
  • Extended MIDI controller support and API

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Changes in v1.3.11

  • Workaround for compiler bug that caused crashes sometimes when repositioning or resizing a popup-window
  • Browser collections would disappear if the contained the '/' character. Now don't allow characters that are not valid in file names to be used when creating a new collection and show an error message if the user does this.

Changes in v1.3.9

  • Improved library indexing times for subsequent launches of the application.
  • Faster Search for ffprobe/ffmepg or avprobe/avconf on Linux.
  • Default quantization setting should be 16th instead of adaptive editor grid.
  • Bugfix for track automation events being created in clip automation
  • Bugfix for Regression in 1.3.8: note end might be painted one pixel off.
  • Bugfix for Notes which start at the exact time when the clip ends would sometimes play even though they shouldn't.
  • Bugfix for Clips that contain lots of notes are very slow to select when selecting clips on the arranger.
  • Bugfix for Note painting is incorrect for a note that starts in one clip and continues in the next.
  • Bugfix for TextEditor does not calculate properly the cursor position when the string starts with whitespaces.
  • Bugfix for Controller API: createCursorDevice returns null when being called without argument.
  • Bugfix for Regression: Possible to get feedback loops in some rare cases due to recent PDC changes in 1.3.8.
  • Bugfix for Can't undo assignment of a preset to a VST plugin when assigning preset within Bitwig Studio (e.g from browser).
  • Bugfix for Open containing folder for a VST plugin on Mac results in error.
  • Bugfix for Engine crashes when switching to another project before the plugins in the current project have finished loading.
  • Bugfix for Dragging boolean clip automation onto numerical automation crashes app.

Changes in v1.3.2

  • New LFO shape - random smooth.
  • Allow MPE mode to be forced on for legacy VST plug-ins which doesn't support the MPE canDo check.
  • Ability to drag multiple files onto a Collection.
  • Flanger's 'Mix' is not a percentage.
  • Improved VST auto-suspend and added visualization in the mixer when devices are processing / sleeping, which c an also be clicked to toggle the enabled state of devices.
  • Onscreen keyboard now shows note velocity, timbre, pitch and pressure adjustment for all notes that are being played.
  • Make the onscreen keyboard and computer keyboard much more responsive for note input.
  • Improved application performance when using many drum chains.
  • Various bugfixes and other improvements

Changes in v1.3.0

  • E-Cowbell device.
  • Multi-touch support for Windows and Linux.
  • Bugfix for: Projects created in 1.1 that have automation for the cross fader mode cannot be opened in 1.2.0.
  • Bugfix for: No audio inputs shown if you select "none" as input device before selecting an aggregated device as output.
  • Bugfix for: When bouncing a clip with a custom source the pre and post fader options showed a blank line.
  • Bugfix for: Invalid multi sample files can crash the application when scanning library locations.
  • Bugfix for: Colours of track headers & group are not saved in .bwscenes.
  • Bugfix for: Crash when opening a project that had a slot selected in the output track of a nested track group and the track group was not expanded.

Changes in v1.1.10

  • Bugfix for crash when adjusting the tempo of a RAW audio event in the inspector.
  • Bugfix for saving a clip that contained a VST plugin that had modulation for one of it's parameters would not restore the unmodulated value correctly when dragging clip back into a project.
  • Bugfix for engine crashes when overdub recording into multiple launcher clips that are triggered by follow actions.

Changes in v1.1.8

  • New German user guide
  • Various bugfixes and improvements

Changes in v1.1.3

  • Auto-quantization of recorded notes.
  • New controller scripts for Nektar Technology products: LX49, 61 and 88, as well as for iX49 and iX61.
  • Attach plugin states to projects when saving so that the plugin-states directory in the project folder is not needed.
  • FX audio and instrument chain device should be one device that intelligently determines the preset type based on the devices inside it.
  • Updated scripts for Arturia Keylab controller family.
  • Various bugfixes

Changes in v1.1

  • Advanced VST Multi-Out Sidechain Support.
  • True Latency Compensation.
  • Advanced Routing Capabilities (Audio/MIDI).
  • Track, Chain, and Device Deactivation.
  • 6 New Devices: Audio Receiver, Note Receiver, Note MOD, De-Esser.
  • Multiband FX2 and Multiband FX3.
  • New Modulation Parameters.
  • Enhanced Timestretching Capabilities.
  • Updated Controller API.
  • Tap Tempo.
  • Crossfader.

Changes in v1.0.14

  • Device Macros have context menu to swap the macro with another macro.
  • Bugfix for Crash when copying tempo automation to the clipboard and then moving the paste cursor into volume automation lane.
  • Bugfix for regression from 1.0.13: bipolar macro mappings work only in one direction.
  • Bugfix for Crash when undoing track deletion in some circumstances.
  • Bugfix for Crash when pasting various clip and time selections into a drum pad.
  • Bugfix for undo history stopping when deleting a track that is being recorded.

Changes in v1.0.13

  • Arturia KeyLab scripts improved.
  • Minor style tweak in controller API documentation.
  • Bugfix for crash when dragging a drum pad to another drum pad.
  • Bugfix for Regression: automation recording inserts additional points with default value or does not work in some cases.

Changes in v1.0.12

  • Enhanced JavaScript stub generator for Controller API needs latest updates from TeotiGraphix repository.
  • Bugfix for automation bug when copying or duplicating a plugin device with automation in a clip.
  • Bugfix for crashes when moving a nested device chain if the chain's mixer had automation for some of it's parameters (eg volume or pan).
  • Bugfix for broken drocument state when dragging a nested device chain (with automation to a mixer parameter for the chain) to a new track.
  • Bugfix for Note editor piano keyboard not auditioning keys until a note is added to the clip.

Changes in v1.0.9

  • Bugfix for Glitch VST does not show the plugin window
  • Bugfix for showing expanded device popup menu does not close the compact device menu.
  • Bugfix for crash when moving expression segment with cmd/ctrl modifier.
  • Bugfix for crash when adding expression event to multi-selection by shift-clicking on it (regression).

Changes in v1.0.8

  • Bugfix for modulated value pie not showing correctly for some values
  • Bugfix for erratic behavior of track note editor
  • Bugfix for Visual glitch in preview when drawing expression events over multiple audio events using pencil tool.

Changes in v1.0.5

  • Bugfix for a VST scan bug
  • Bugfixes for Pdc, gfx, vst and bounce fixes
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