bleep!BOX 1.3.6
by bleep!BOX
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Last Updated: 2011-02-04
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Software Description

An electronic drum and synth groove box.

It synthesizes all sound 'on the fly' and no samples are used.


  • Universal Binary – one app for your iPad and iPhone
  • Cross platform – available as a VST / AU plugin on the PC and Mac
  • 10 Synth / Drum parts (aka voices)
  • Emulations of ‘classic’ x0x drum sounds (snares, hihats, claps, bassdrums, toms, cymbals)
  • Ringmod, FM, Phase Modulation, Sync
  • 50+ Parameters
  • Global delay FX
  • Soft / Hard distortion FX
  • 8 Waveforms – Saw, Square, Sine, Triangle, etc
  • Save patches and presets
  • Live performance modes – Loop / Stutter, Mute
  • Step sequencing + recording modes
  • Parameter automation
  • Realtime processing – NO SAMPLES
  • Song Mode – make songs from multiple patterns
  • .WAV export
  • Copy and Paste audio into other apps like Beatmaker and Looptastic (General Pasteboard method)
  • Pattern export / import

New in v1.3.6

  • Fixed a patch saving / loading issue with Motion Sequences.
  • Added + / - buttons to the Motion page.
  • Fixed bug where Motion'd parameters weren't properly set back to their original values when switching Motion targets.
  • Fixed an important crashing issue on the Song/Sequence page.
  • Fixed a minor annoyance on the Perf page (perf page now keeps the last tab you viewed).
  • Updated graphics for iOS 4.0 Retina displays.
  • Bug fixes and optimizations.
  • Added some functionality to the Looper page (tapping the bottom will snap to fractions of a bar).
  • Made all parameter values display in caps for better readability.
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