Buddha Orchestra (release 02.11.2014)
by Victor X
(Victor X Website)
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Last Updated: 2014-11-17
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Software Description

This app creates music based on shapes in a given image.

With Buddha Orchestra, you can use pictures to create music. It generates music pieces which you can play via MIDI and/or OSC.

Based on images, the software generates melodies and allows a performer to play them using different instruments. It is not just a format converter which always produces the same result. It is designed to be an instrument for a performing artist. At the same time, it is an orchestra as it has many instruments. The performing artist acts as a conductor.

Technically, the melodies are sent to MIDI devices and/or OSC-capable software like SuperCollider.
In addition, the shapes can be transformed to control voltage (CV) for analogue modules.

The application allows performance in collaborative mode. The same image is 'played' on multiple computers. Commands of each performer are distributed to peers.

The application supports Scala files, see http://www.huygens-fokker.org/scala/scl_format.html to generate microtonal music.

Advanced users can also connect external hardware via a serial port (which usually means USB-serial adapter). This is an example of Arduino-controlled accordion:

The application supports control voltage (CV) and sound samples:


This release has extended arpeggio configuration.

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