bx_hybrid v1.0.1
by Brainworx
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VST/AU/RTAS host application.

Last Updated: 2008-04-29
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Software Description

bx_hybrid is a state-of-the art mono and stereo EQ that contains several unique tools, such as an internal M/S processor (stereo version only) for stereo width control and a mono maker, a Brainworx invention that will mono out any stereo signal up to a certain user-adjustable threshold frequency with only one knob - while automatically compensating for the potential loss in the overall bass-spectrum.

bx_hybrid was designed to map any and all EQ features of the Digidesign ICON center section EQ knobs. This means 7-band EQ incl. Lo- and Hi-Pass filters with various adjustable filter orders (up to 5th order - 30dB / octave), Lo- and Hi-Shelving EQs, Peak filters, Notch-filters (with adjustable Q), and another Brainworx invention: The joystick EQs.

The joystick EQs are bass- and presence-shifter EQs (taken from bx_digital) with shiftable center-frequencies. When used with Digidesign ICON controllers these shifter EQs can be mapped to and controlled by the surround panners of the ICON. A sophisticated auto solo mode will solo single frequency bands and tweak Q controls upon mouse-click or when used with the touch sensitive EQ knobs of the ICON.

With internal double-precision calculating these EQs work with double resolution in 44 and 48kHz sessions, this way avoiding Nyquist frequency problems and allowing for digital EQing up to 26 kHz in low res sessions.

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