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Demo version won't recall presets, save banks or use automation. Full version - $69.00

System Requirements:

VSTi host application.

Last Updated: 2014-02-13
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

HighLife is a VSTi software sampler and sample editor.

Aside from its sampling and sample editing, HighLife comes equipped with five effects, sound morphing and modulation features. It also boasts of professional quality resampling using 512 point SINC.


  • Built-in VST host for 32bit sampling of VSTis (freezing).
  • Built-in wave editor.
  • 32-Bit floating point based wavetables.
  • 128 Programs with unlimited zones.
  • Up to 32 voices polyphony (Multi layered zone sampling engine).
  • Selectable interpolation engines: Hermite, Sinc 64 and Sinc 512. Both sinc modes are not suitable for realtime purposes but bouncing to audio.
  • Morphable scheme and automatable zone parameters (incl. cue and loop points).
  • Syncable LFO with configurable Phase.
  • Stepping-free modulation sends, pitch bend and modulation to morphing wheels.

Sampler Import formats

  • Auto mapping when multiple files are opened at once.
  • Samples: .wav (8 to 32 Bit), .mp3, .raw.
  • Programs: proprietary .fxp/.fxb, .akp (Akai S5000/S6000), rgc:audio's SFZ.

Sampler Export formats (registered version only)

  • Samples: .wav.
  • Programs: proprietary .fxp/.fxb, rgc:audio's SFZ.

Program overview

  • Unlimited zones.
  • ADSR amplitude envelope.
  • ADSR envelope filter and pitch assignable (both bipolar).
  • -24dB/Oct filter modes: Lowpass/Hipass/Bandpass/Notch and disabled.
  • Stepping-free Cutoff and Resonance.
  • High quality Chorus, delay and reverb.
  • Wow factor effects: Daft and rock da disco.
  • Full mono/poly and legato operation.

Zones overview

  • Independent envelope amplitude, modulation envelope, LFO and filter settings.
  • Automatable zone parameters (including cue and loop points).
  • Up to 128 MIDI triggerable cues, with different start/end and loop settings each.
  • Automatable per-cue pos/end/loop points, supporting swapping of cue range/loop markers.
  • 5 Loop types (one shoot, forward, bidirectional, backward, forward w/sustain).
  • Group/Off by triggering settings.
  • Amp Env, Mod Env and LFO (syncable), 24dB Filter (5 Types).
  • Full MIDI Input triggering control.
  • Chorus, delay and reverb sends.
  • Glide with auto-switch control.

Sample editor overview

  • Zoom up to 1:1 resolution.
  • Clipboard: Cut, copy, paste and sample trim.
  • Amplitude: Fade in/out, normalization and DC removal.
  • Effects: Reverse, rectifier, sin/tahn drive and spectral mirroring.
  • Cues and loops editing.

New in v1.3

  • New LowPass, HighPass, BandPass and BandReject Zero Delay Feedback filters.
  • Edit > Wave Editor cursors on wave selection borders.
  • Edit > Wave Editor Mouse wheel zoom based on mouse cursor position, Shift+Mouse wheel for quick zoom.
  • Edit > Wave Editor Zoom in/out based on active selection.
  • Drag'n'drop support (any supported wave sample/sfz programs if empty) Shift+Drop bypass sample replacement dialog.
  • Options > Global Parameter Edit (On/Off) or using Shift+Ctrl/Cmd. ADSR led will be on when enabled.
  • Options > Morph Edit (On/Off).
  • Edit > Properties < > File arrows browse sample folder on Edit > Sample Properties.
  • Zone > Duplicate Zone, Delete All Zones functions.

Changes in v1.2.3

  • Redesigned wave editor view:
  • Mouse wheel scroll and zoom in/out with control key+wheel.
  • Zoom out limited to wave length.
  • Selection active if > 2px. Full wave acts as selected when no selection is active.
  • Enhanced waveform visualization at higher zoom levels.
  • Import/Export Sample/Program dialog opens at active sample Zone/Program path, falling back to last location when not available
  • Automatically enabled Edit menu items.
  • Morphing opacity support to FX sends.

Changes in v1.2.1

  • Bug fix for Options > Change zone on MIDI note behavior.
  • A playing position line is displayed on wave area.
  • FX Chorus/Delay/Reverb sends are enabled by default.
  • Delay sync to tempo is enabled on by default.
  • Bug fix for AU version number.

Changes in v1.2

  • Better dialog windows.
  • Broader LCD display.
  • High contrast popup menus.
  • Better color theme for wave display.
  • Better preset init configuration. MIDI note to zone off by default.
  • Removed MIDI keyboard.
  • Panning now uses Michael Gogins law.
  • EDIT > Cue > Add cues from sync. Adds distributed cue samples from Sync number.
  • File > Import Sample Auto-Drum-Machine spread when selected several samples.

Changes in v1.1

  • Demo version now won't recall presets.
  • Audio Units validated.
  • Fixed and optimized drop-down menus.
  • Code optimizations.
  • Revised PDF manual.

Changes in v1.0

  • Now supports Mac OSX - still in beta phase
  • 64 bit supported
  • Bug fixes and improvements
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