djay v4.2
by Algoriddim
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Operating System:
File Size: 21.9 MB
Price: USD 19.99
License Conditions:

No recording, no saving of audio samples and the software will terminate after 30 minutes and you can start it again. Registration: US$19.99

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.5 or later

Last Updated: 2013-03-04
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

djay is a music software that will will give you the DJ tools you need to mix your digital music collection.

With djay you can manage and blend your digital music collection with two highly interactive, turntables where in you can both record and transmit the audio in real-time over the Bonjour network to other connected djays. It supports all common file formats, including MP3, AIFF, WAV, AAC and CAF.

Main Features:

  • Real-time audio mix transmission over Bonjour network.
  • Real-time audio mix recording.
  • iTunes Integration.
  • Automatic artwork image loading on both turntables.
  • Customizable vinyl.
  • Forward spinning.
  • Time-Stretching.
  • Pitch-Shifting with amazing blend effect.
  • 5 band Equalizer.
  • Audio Unit Effects Support.
  • Pre-Cueing (requires multi-channel sound card).
  • Crossfade automation.
  • Manual Beat Counting.
  • Magnetic tempo slider for precise beat matching.
  • Cue points for beat-juggling.
  • GarageBand instruments integration via network.
  • AppleScriptability for mixing automation.

Related Hardware:
DJ Controller
DJ Speakers

Changes in v4.2

  • Now with AirPlay panel in main window
  • You can now send mix to multiple AirPlay devices
  • New audio setup panel when connecting multi-channel audio devices (e.g. Vestax Spin 2)
  • Native support for more MIDI controllers: Reloop Terminal Mix 2/4, Reloop Beatmix, Reloop Mixage IE, Denon DN-SC2000, Hercules DJ Control Air
  • Added MIDI mapping actions
  • Changed non touch-sensitive MIDI jog wheels to scratch during playback
  • Changed MIDI jog wheel pitch-bend to scratch while record is paused
  • Changed “Move Library Selection” MIDI actions to not wrap around at beginning/end of song list
  • Better iTunes library loading performance
  • Enhanced VoiceOver accessibility for song list and Automix Queue
  • Bugfix for artwork loading and export to iTunes issues on OS X 10.8.2
  • Bugfix for library access issue with songs on multiple external partitions
  • Bugfix for cue pause issue
  • Bugfix for gain being reset when “Reset EQ/Effects/Controls” preference is off
  • Bugfix for MIDI mappings for certain controllers not being saved
  • Bugfix for selected samples folder always reverting to “djay Sample Pack”
  • Bugfix for stability and performance improvements

Changes in v4.1.1b7

  • Faster artwork loading in some cases
  • Added native support for MIDI controllers: Reloop Terminal Mix 2/4, Reloop Beatmix
  • Changed "Pitch Bend" MIDI action to scratch when paused
  • Changed "Focus Queue" MIDI action to "Toggle Queue"
  • Changed "Move Library Selection" MIDI actions to not wrap around at beginning/end of song list
  • New "Skip" rotary knob MIDI action
  • New "Switch Tempo Slider Range" MIDI action
  • New "Switch Library Source" MIDI action

Changes in v4.1

  • New and improved BMP display
  • iTunes export
  • Support for Vestax Spin 2
  • Support for DDJ-WeGo
  • Multicore support for faster library analysis
  • MIDI pickup mode
  • Various other bugfixes and improvements

Changes in v4.0.6

  • Fully optimized for Retina display
  • Better AirPlay compatibility on OS X Mountain Lion

Changes in v4.0.5

  • Bugfix for BPM and key info not being saved in library
  • Bugfix for echo effect not being reset
  • Improved effects

Changes in v4.0.4

  • Better overall performance
  • Added library font size slider in preferences
  • Added context menu button to recordings and samples list for easier access in Finder
  • Added MIDI mappable actions: "Toggle Crossfader Cutting Mode" and "Toggle Hamster Switch"
  • BugFix for djay Remote app issue with large playlists on OS X Lion
  • BugFix for stutter issue on some older Macs during song loading/analysis
  • BugFix for CUE pause issue with FX enabled
  • BugFix for export history PDF is cut off
  • Better MIDI performance
  • Better Numark NS6 mapping
  • Added optional jog seek pitch bend mode preference for MIDI controllers

Changes in v4.0.3

  • New: Support for Pioneer DDJ-ERGO MIDI Controller
  • Improved handling of iTunes XML library file not being found
  • Added keyboard shortcut for Match Key
  • Changed crossfader cutting shortcuts to F/G/H
  • Fixed jog off mode for Vestax Spin (press both jog mode buttons to activate)
  • Fixed VCI-100MK2 crossfader in cutting mode
  • Stability improvements

New in v4.0

  • Harmonic Match key detection and matching algorithm
  • iCloud integration
  • Redesigned single window UI with new OpenGL Graphics engine
  • Visual Waveforms
  • Added Audio FX: Gate, Flanger, Phaser, Reverb, Echo, Filter (Low Pass + High Pass)
  • Instant FX: Absorb, Drift, Sway, Crush, Punch, Twist
  • Multi-touch FX Pad
  • New integrated sampler (with an awesome built-in sample pack)
  • New Bounce looping mode
  • Built-in organizer of recordings with instant preview
  • Reworked audio engine: high-quality key lock, low-latency scratching
  • New music library with dark/light mode
  • New Auto-Gain/Audio Normalize based on the Loudness Recommendation EBU R128 standard
  • Enhanced MIDI support and MIDI learn including jog wheel mapping
  • Enhanced Audio Hardware support and configuration options: Split Output Mode, option to disable mic input
  • Enhanced Multi-touch control
  • Enhanced preferences, e.g. option to adjust start and stop brake of turntable individually
  • Improved fullscreen mode
  • Improved iTunes library integration: support for playlist folders, improved sorting, integrated history, integrated key info

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Dumbass - how about stating that it's a demo.

Re: Dumbass!

It clearly states in the License & License Conditions that it is a demo and contains restrictions!

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