eMusic DR0.8
by Chutt

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System Requirements:

Imlib 1.8.2. Esound 0.2.5. Gtk+/Glib 1.1.11. Thread-safe xlibs -- generally, all libc6 based linux distributions already have these.

Last Updated: 1999-01-31
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

Plays MP3, MOD (and friends), WAV, AU, and CD files..Streaming over HTTP/SHOUTcast for mp3, au, and wav files. Neat, easy to use plugin architecture. Eats CPU cycles with funky eye candy =) Converts winamp (limited support for the new 2.0 format) skins to eMusic themes. Limited support for Gqmpeg themes, no playlist editor in converted themes. Other stuff.. play with it to find out.

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DR0 command

Downloaded and installed the tarball for DR0.8. The thing installed, but don't know the command to run it. tried eMusic, emusic, DR0, dr0, DR0.8 ect, No go. There are no icons installed or menu entries for it. What command is used to run DR0.8?

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