EnergyXT 3 Beta2
by XT Software
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Operating System:
File Size: 32 MB
Price: EUR 59
License Conditions:

Projects can't be saved in demo version.

System Requirements:

1.4GHz PC with 512 MB RAM. ALSA/OSS driver. (Jack server required for audio recording)

Last Updated: 2016-04-04
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Software Description

EnergyXT is a modular MIDI and audio environment VST plug-in that can host VST plug-ins.

It's main goal is to enable flexible MIDI and audio routing between VST instruments and effects, but the fun starts when you load up the chord and/or arpeggiator component's into the MIDI chain. The master output can be recorded live and saved to wav.

EnergyXT as of the latest version is now considered as a digital audio workstation. You can create music with virtual instruments and drum loops, you can do multi track recording and audio editing. And it even has its own built in guitar effects.


  • Modular MIDI and audio routing
  • Supports VST effects and instruments
  • MIDI CC automation of VST parameters
  • Full VST fxb/fxp support
  • VST multi-in/out inside energyXT
  • VST I/O configuration. 2 x mono can be changed into 1 x stereo etc
  • Polyphonic multi-mode arpeggiator with unlimited patterns including notes and control change
  • Chord component, each chord will trigger by a single MIDI key.
  • Multi-channel Audio Part component
  • Dynamic mixer with cc automation, up to 16 stereo ins and 15 stereo sends
  • MIDI envelope
  • Live recording of master out, with save to wav
  • Grab screenshots of VST's to use as icon's in main window
  • MIDI patcher, will split incoming MIDI data into key- and velocity zones. Use it to layer VSTi's and make fat sounding patches.
  • MIDI CH filter for multi-timbral MIDI routing

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New in v3.0:

  • Added chord comp to MIDI tracks.
  • Audio levels in mixer did not update when recording, now fixed.
  • Main display with song name now skinnable.
  • Added red clipping indicator to audio levels in mixer.
  • Added 'Pattern mode' to marker tracks.
  • Right-click to add chord from popup-list in piano roll.
  • License model in version 3.0 changed to donationware for updates.
  • Playback of frozen tracks was broken in last beta, now fixed.
  • Markers will now loop only if loop is active.
  • Added track params to MIDI In comp editor (for mapping MIDI cc to VST params on the selected track in sequencer).
  • Bugfix for random crash with text input.
  • Bugfix for insert/remove bars in song not updating tempo and markers parts.
  • Bugfix for saved xtc clip not showing in browser until re-launch.

New in v2.7:

  • Official non-beta release
  • Various other bugfixes

New in v2.7 Beta 5:

  • Bugfix for reversed EQ track automation numbers
  • Bugfix for EQ gain knob bug when recording
  • Toggle old/new mixer strip/panel in the Options menu.

New in v2.7 Beta v3:

  • Object bar didn't display note length in last beat, now fixed.
  • Bugfix for crash when loading XTC clips with missing VST plugin.
  • Bugfix for crash when adding MIDI out device to a tack containing a VST.
  • Bugfix for issue with custom volume knob image and old skin. Skins made in 2.7 beta v2 may have to be fixed manually.
  • Added Trim control to sequencer mixer strip.
  • Minor fixes to light skin and added option to skin color of eq curve in mixer (FX > decoration color).
  • Resizing and transposing events with keyboard shortcuts didn't update object bar, now fixed.

New in v2.7 Beta v2:

  • Now with level per audio clip.
  • New mixer panel in sequencer (like in v1.4).
  • Track presets.
  • Duplicate track will now also copy arp data.
  • Drag & drop plugins on to MIDI tracks will now replace current plugin(s), unless shift or alt is pressed.
  • Enter values for velocity and controller data manually in object bar.
  • Added speedbuttons for transposing by octave in objectbar.
  • Copy/paste controller data.
  • Render audio to drum pad.
  • Add up to 8 favorite VST params for each track (using VST plugin) in the mixer with MIDI controller support.
  • Rewind will now restart current marker in marker-track mode.
  • Width of track panel now saved with project.
  • Added mute/solo highlight state in GUI editor.
  • Record VST automation with MIDI controllers (using favorite params mapping on track).

New in v2.7:

  • Name recorded files using track name
  • Browser favorite section
  • Merge Editor Tab buttons
  • Drag samples from audio pool to sampler
  • Invert Selection
  • Improved logo in titlebar
  • MIDI to markes on/off is now saved per project (and not global option)
  • Use Alt + Shift + Up/Down to change velocity and controllers by +/- 1
  • Add MIDI track from track menu
  • Preview loops in browser will now play in sync with song
  • Added transpose buttons to object bar
  • Will now show warning when trying to overwrite read-only project
  • Mixer strip in sequencer now has audio output selector by track (and not per VST) for multi-out VST's
  • Added support for VST IO changes
  • Bugfix for step rec bug on linux
  • Bugfix for flatten bugs related to sampe rate
  • Bugfix for SF2 loop points and sample rate
  • Bugfix for arp and hanging notes
  • Bugfix for dragging automation and parts with trimmed start

New in v2.6:

  • 400 drum loops and 32 multi-sampled instruments by Loopmasters
  • Tempo tracking and additional tempo functions along with bugfixes
  • Audio editing improvements (dragging and dropping samples)
  • Improvements for mouse control and zoom features
  • Minor GUI improvements
  • Added 'Disk full' warning
  • Other Bugfixes details can be found here

New in v2.5.4:

  • Added drum name and preview in popup editor
  • Drag & drop plugins from browser to tracks and insert/send fx slots did not update recent items, now fixed
  • Will now highlight EQ/FX section title if in use (must be set in skin: mixer > fx secction > highlight)
  • Added cross delay param for multi-effect
  • 'first note recording' bug fixed
  • gui was missing on several plugins on mac, now fixed
  • popup drum editor
  • vertical zoom in popup editor and in-track editor
  • drag rex file into tracks panel to create drum track, drum part and load the samples
  • option to always show the modular tab
  • fixed drawing bug with audio region/selection
  • you can now use image for selected track and part
  • you can now skin the selection region in the editors
  • adding new controller lane's in the popup editor didnt get selected in view by default, now fixed
  • convert audio parts to mono
  • added recording latency option in audio setup
  • will now attempt to recover a project when encountering errors when loading (caused by a plugin or simular)
  • freeze drum track could crash if using long samples, now fixed
  • VST version will now sync to host in modular view (without sequencer comp)
  • Enable auto update on linux could crash, now fixed
  • Duplicater track
  • MIDI In comp now has its own 'editor' window with midi keyboard and option for quantize and velocity sens
  • MIDI part quantize length, slice and reverse
  • MIDI part legato and fixed length
  • MIDI part delete doubles
  • Sampler and dum samplers loop markers could get stuck outside the view, now fixed
  • Added public/private option for Soundcloud add-on, and will now also show the URL of the upload file on success

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Does it work on Linux?

if EnergyXT works on linux i will try it, but i dont want to re-arrange my partitions for just installing linux without being aware if it works without hassle or sees the io ports of sound interface. daw with a "vst-I" support for linux is just amazing wont consume cpu-ram resources too much. its 2012 now, does it work or not for linux, thats all i want to learn.

Very nice prog, BUT : I have

Very nice prog, BUT :
I have Ubuntu 10.04 & 11.04 and cool comp and have some problem with E-XT (demo), noise and delays, why ? I don't know, I'm a simple user. They are must to testing this DAW before sale. SHAME ! I don't want buy this prog for Linux ! NOTE: IMHO
But on XP it works very good !

P.S.: 59 Euro it's too expensive !

not compatible with Debian Lenny either

Tried installing in Ubuntu, it blitzed my Pulse audio install.

So I switched to Debian and installed the windows version using wine.

Guess what? Same problem. Now my computer doesn't recognize my microphone or usb hard drive, even though (being installed via wine) should not have done anything to my audio because it was supposedly sandboxed.

The windows version seems to work with Windows 7, but the whole reason I bought a podcast kit from behringer was the claim this software was compatible with Linux, which clearly it is NOT. FALSE ADVERT.

Doesnt work in ubuntu

EnergyXT2 doesn't work in ubuntu 9.10. This software is of no use. I got it as part of the software bundle that came along with the uca222 Behringer audio interface.

Not working in Ubuntu

It doesnt work in ubuntu, cant record (no inputs available...), cant import WAV files, come on, If you still trying dont charge for it, make a beta version for test!

I tried to install JACK, but if i can record in ubuntu in other software (out of the box) why not with this 40€ software.

It's good to have nice software for linux, but it would be better if it worked.

How to load .FXB banks

Hi there,
how would one go about to use KORG Triton soundbanks in .FXB format under Linux?

Thank you.

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