GJackTransport 0.5.3
by Robin Gareus
(Robin Gareus Website)

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Freeware General Public License

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Last Updated: 2012-05-25
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Software Description

This program lets you control the JACK transport mechanism via a graphical slider.

GJackTransport lets you seek Audio/Video media files when they are being played along Jack transport. This is useful for audio-engineers or A/V editors that use programs like arodour, hydrogen, ecasound and xjadeo. It is a gtk application and it includes a stand-alone application called gjackclock - it is a big clock display for jack-transport.


  • [dynamic|bidir|touchable] slider to control jack-transport
  • jack connect/disconnect
  • set slider start and end points in various units
  • local-memory: remember start/end points
  • auto-zoom and reposition slider
  • save and restore settings.
  • LASH support
  • (GJackClock:)customizable font, size & colors
  • (GJackClock:)fixed FPS setting or FPS from jack-timebase-master
  • (GJackClock:)jack-transport control via key-bindings
  • (GJackClock:)read settings from .rc

Changes in 0.5.3

  • Maintenance update with various bugfixes
  • Can now run on the GNU Hurd
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