hexter v1.0.1
by Sean Bolton
(Sean Bolton Website)

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Last Updated: 2012-11-05
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Software Description

hexter is a software synthesizer that models the sound generation of a Yamaha DX7 synthesizer. It can easily load most DX7 patch bank files, accept patch editing commands via MIDI sys-ex messages (ALSA systems only), and recreate the sound of the DX7 with greater accuracy than any previous open-source emulation (that the author is aware of....)

hexter operates as a plugin for the Disposable Soft Synth Interface (DSSI). DSSI is a plugin API for software instruments (soft synths) with user interfaces, permitting them to be hosted in-process by audio applications.

Changes in v1.0.1

  • Firist public release on its 8th anniversary
  • Patch loading enhancements
  • NRPN parameter mapping
  • Use floating-point math in the synthesis code (optional)
  • Bugfix for a linking failure on some platforms.

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I got this to work on Ubuntu Juanty
I am blown away.
DX7 is a legend and now Linux is on that level for me.
Anyone with any info about things I should know about Hexter please share.
This is one of the coolest things I have ever done to a computer.

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