iabc v1.0.1
by Aaron Newman
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64M RAM, 4M disk

Last Updated: 2005-07-01
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Software Description

What is iabc?

iabc is a free (open source) program for editing music. It uses the ABC music notation language to produce high-quality graphical notation or MIDI
output. The music notation and the ABC notation can be updated in real-time, making the construction of tunes using the ABC language hassle-free (or at least hassle-resistant).

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Variax line 6 guitar

I'am looking for software and an interface device that will enable me to record, score and edit in traditional notation a direct performance on the above instrumentt. Because of the seperation of the 6 strings into seperate channels and a midi output built into the instrument I think that it icould be possible to record a polyphonic performance. You assistance will be greatly appreciated. The manfacturers seem to spend most of their efforts in modifying the type of sounds produced rather than offering options that enhance the combination of guitar and computer technology for compositional purposes. Regards John Fonti.


if you are the John Fonti from BYG we got some catching up to do!

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