inStep v1.4
by Duncan Stead
(Duncan Stead Website)

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Last Updated: 2005-06-21
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Software Description

inStep is a revolutionary new MIDI composition tool that allows composers from anywhere in the world to cooperate when writing music. Unlike all current MIDI sequencers, inStep has been designed from the ground up to allow users to share their ideas over the Internet. Cooperative composing is no longer out of reach. As inStep has networking fully integrated into it's sequencer, "lag" problems are a thing of the past — If you place a note, they see the same note.

inStep does not attempt to emulate "real time jamming" sessions, this is impossible over distance with current technology. Many programs have tried this approach and failed. This is how inStep is different. Each person can do things at their own pace. They are free to do whatever they like — Just because somebody wants to listen to the track as it is now, doesn't mean that you have to. While they are listening to the track, you could be adding that drum roll that you feel bar 16 needs. For example, one user could be placing a chord pattern, while one could be composing a pattern along to the chords, while another could be playing the track — All at the same time.

You don't need a fancy connection, or an expensive setup — All that you need is for someone to run the inStep server program, and for all users to connect to that server by entering the IP Address of the computer running the server program. That's it! inStep should be able to connect to the server and you'll be composing together in no time!

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What? No link?

The link is dead! I REALLY WANT THIS !!!

dead link

where is the download ?

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