jMusic v1.5
by Andrew Sorensen and Andrew Brown
(Andrew Sorensen and Andrew Brown Website)

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System Requirements:

MRJ (Macintosh Runtime Java) from Apple, MRJ SDK (Software Development Kit) from Apple.

Last Updated: 2004-03-23
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

Music is a library of Java classes for
generating and manipulating music and audio. It provides a solid
framework for computer-assisted composition in Java, and is also
used for generative music, instrument building, interactive
performance, and music analysis. jMusic supports musicians with its
familiar music data structure based upon note/sound events, and
provides methods for organising, manipulating and analysing that
musical data. jMusic scores can be rendered as MIDI or audio files
for storage and later processing or playback in real-time.

jMusic can read and write MIDI files, audio files, XML files, and its own
.jm files; there is real-time support for JavaSound, QuickTime and
MIDIShare. jMusic is designed to be extendible, encouraging you to
build upon its functionality by programming in Java to create your
own musical compositions, tools, and instruments. In a spirit of
mutual collaboration, jMusic is provided free and is an open source

Additions in this release include, a new compressor audio object, better handling of frequency pitches when writing MIDI files, audio envelopes now cope with extremely short notes, addition real-time instruments are included, and a few bug fixes.

Authors website contains installation instructions.

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