jack_capture v0.9.62
by kmatheussen
(kmatheussen Website)

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Linux with Jack

Last Updated: 2012-06-04
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Software Description

To use the program just type in "jack_capture"
in the terminal without any extra command line options:

$ jack_capture

The program will then start recording what you hear in your speakers into a stereo wav file.


  • The 4GB size barrier for wav files is handled by continuing writing to new files when reaching 4GB.
  • Autogenerated filenames are unique and humanly readable.
  • Supports mp3 by using liblame.
  • Supports all soundfile formats supported by sndfile. (wav, aiff, ogg, flac, wavex, au, etc.)
  • jack_capture can connect to any input or output jack port.

Changes in v1.2

  • Added exec-hooks
  • Added timestamps
  • Total recorded time shown in console, as minutes and seconds.
  • Daemon option now suppresses all console messages
  • Supports config file
  • Backwards compatible JACK latency API.
  • New option: --no-stdin. Works the same way as the old --daemon option.
  • Fix writing to stdout.
  • Don't use helper thread when writing to stdout.
  • Applied Filipe Lopes' freewheel patch. Do not reconnect ports when freewheeling.
  • Allow to remote-control jack-capture via OSC
  • Bugfix
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