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Nag Screen, Registration: US$30

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Last Updated: 2005-11-04
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Software Description

You can easily put together a drum pattern using sounds from standard .wav or .ogg audio files (a basic set of drum sounds is included). Audio effects like distortion allow you to customise the sounds.

The user interface was designed from scratch to be as simple and clear as possible. Everything you need is directly visible on the two program screens; nothing is hidden in menus or dialogs.

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Createable drum loops

Play guitar and want to create my own drum loops to play along with ~~~ is this what I`m looking for.Ohh yea have a MicroBR that I can load mp3`s in and loop them to play along with - which is what I do now with songs I want to learn - slow them down and play along with.


fkhdkhfsdf dasdasd asdas ds sdcc dfdf ff


Leafdrums is the very best I have found.




tung a je ir

this is the absolute best.

the only drum machine you´ll ever need.
let´s you import as many samples as you'd like - I currently have a library of over 700 sounds and it works great.

thank you samuel marshall for creating
the best softbased drum sequencer around. thank you. thank you. and I'm
going to pay for this program oneday, I
promise. twice. :-)
but not before you'll fix some of the few bugs with the user interface!

where do you import samples from

what website do you get all the sounds from

Re: where do you import samples from

: what website do you get all the sounds from

----> Try "NS_Kit" Fantastic sounds. Very natural.


Leafdrums is exactly what I wanted. It synchronizes wav files containing drum beats. It is fairly flexible. I can add a drum to my "drumset" simply by adding a wav file to the folder.

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