Liquid Notes
by Re-Compose
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Operating System:
File Size: 195 MB
Price: USD 149
License Conditions:

Full license with 20-day free trial included.

System Requirements:

Java runtime environment or higher

Last Updated: 2015-05-04
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Software Description

Liquid Notes is a music production tool that assists you with chords, scales, and harmonic movement with ease and efficiency.

Liquid Notes has music intelligence and it works with all DAW's or you can use it as a standalone program. With this app you can have a piece analyzed harmonically, at any stage of the composition process. And then rearrange it by substituting chords, altering their functions, adding tensions, building chord progressions, playing melody lines, improvising, and more. Altogether, this kind of sophisticated deep-level variation and diversification will definitely boost the effect of your music.

Without difficulty, Liquid Notes makes the theory of harmony accessible, pretty much without restrictions. And you just use that knowledge in any way you want. The software will not interfere with your style, handwriting, or emotional message. It simply lets you try out new ideas for your compositions within the vast framework of chords and scales. Liquid Notes delivers suggestions, the final outcome is completely up to you.

It is useful for everyone, from professional composers to amateur musicians. You can use it to get ideas, effect, knowledge, or efficiency. Liquid Notes works on all operating systems and can even route through to the software instruments of the original arrangement in your sequencer.

Latest update adds an import function and features an overhauled user interface.

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