Lisalo - Linux Sampler Loader v1.5
by Nils Gey
(Nils Gey Website)

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Freeware GPLv3

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Last Updated: 2012-08-27
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Software Description

Linux Sampler Loader or Lisalo is a Linux command line program that loads sample files.

Lisalo can load entire directories of sample files, a single .sfz file or it can take instructions from a meta .lsl file with relative paths to samples. This will let you load samples without the need for any GUI.

Changes in v1.5

  • If you use an .lsl file to load you'll get bus channels for each section
  • 2 bus pairs (new), unconnect. "Violin" and "Viola". You want to connect these to your recording device.
  • 6 unconnected pairs, one for each instrument (that would be 12 channels already you would have to connect manually in QJackCtl).

Changes in v1.4

  • Jack Autoconnect-Port for the stereo sum/mix channels can be given from the command line
  • Can start Linuxsampler with a given server-address and port, which makes multiple instances possible
  • Jack Midi In for autoconnection is a commandline parameter.\

Changes in v1.2

  • New Sfz Generator
  • Choose an instrument index when loading gig or sf2 samples
  • Load a directory with waves and oggs as one instrument.
  • Choose a name for your JACK port
  • option to specify a name for your JACK port.
  • directly load a single sfz file instead of a whole directory or a meta lsl file (auto detection by file extension)
  • this sfz file can be a temp file created by Lisalos sidekick
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