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32 or 64 bit OS, minimal requirements

Last Updated: 2015-10-02
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Software Description

Mixer4 is a high precision audio mixer and processor. You can use either simple text files or an optional GUI to control volume and effect settings.


  • Data (such as volume and pan settings) is accessed by the user in plain text files.
  • Can be run without a desktop, a windows manager, or a soundcard.
  • It is virtually unbreakable by other code/dependencies since it uses only the Alsa library (on Linux) and built-in C libraries.
  • Integer math summing for precision.
  • Direct signal paths and minimal processing whenever possible.
  • Built in 64-bit precision equalizer, compressors, and reverb.
  • Fast offline rendering with preview mode for hearing sections only.
  • Panning works on principle of time delay or user settable pan law.
  • Volume automation and ramps.
  • 127 tracks and 8 stereo submixes.
  • Works on 32-bit or 64-bit operating systems.
  • Run simultaneous mixes or submixes on different cores.
  • Installs simply by copying the very small binary to a working project or applications directory.
  • User choosable audio file time placement (time stamping).
  • Beat or time based automation entry with adjustable tempo and meters (tempo mapping).
  • VCA style faders


Reads and writes 16 and 24-bit .wav files only.
No editing or recording capability (see Recorder7 on main page).
Does not integrate with other software plug-ins.
Automation is limited to track volumes.
Works offline only: workflow is adjust, render, then listen.

Latest Updates:

  • Effects can be re-ordered on a per channel basis (in text mode)
  • Parametric Plate updates and bugfixes
  • high and low pass filters for reverb
  • VCA style faders
  • GUI supports VCA faders and reverb filters
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