MixPad v4.02
by NCH Software
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Last Updated: 2016-03-04
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Software Description

MixPad is a program that lets you import audio or record multiple tracks, then mix tracks for your music projects.


  • File format support includes wav (multiple codecs), mp3, wma, vox, gsm, real audio, avi and more.
  • Supports video file formats for extracting audio from a movie.
  • Import directly from CDs with the built in CD Ripper.
  • Record new clips to a track using MixPad's superb quality audiorecorder.
  • Add effects to individual tracks, including echo, reverb and distort.
  • Drag and drop files from your desktop or folders easily to Mixpad.
  • Manage your clips in the Clip Manager.
  • Mute a single track or set it as 'solo' (will mute all other tracks).

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Changes in v4.02:

  • Bugfixes
  • Optimizations

Changes in v3.21:

  • Improved video sync
  • Clear Main VU meter when play stops in working region
  • Added sync to video capability
  • Improved recording form midi with vsti synthesie
  • Metronome change to disabled as the default setting
  • Improved the split clip functionality
  • Add 'Export Clip As...' option to the context menu of 'Clip Manager' dlg
  • Removed 'Enable Metronome' check box
  • Removed unneeded horizontal scroll bar in Effects window
  • Disabled 'metronome volume' when metronome turned off
  • New way of region selection does not allow to select clips which are invisible without using vertical scrolling
  • Added Explorer command bar
  • Improved NCH Sound Library dialogue
  • Fixed Compressor sound effect
  • Fixed Looping in a selected region
  • Various other bugfixes
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