ml_ipod v2.04
by Will Fisher and Team
(Will Fisher and Team Website)

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Operating System: Windows XP/2000
File Size: 1.1 MB
License: Freeware (All Free software)
License Conditions:


System Requirements:

Any generation iPod including iPod mini. Winamp 5.0 or higher

Last Updated: 2007-04-14
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

ml_ipod lets you manage your iPod from within the Winamp media library. It supports all kinds of iPods, from the classic first generation iPods, to the iPod shuffle and the latest models.

New in v2.04

  • Convert Winamp replaygain values to iPod Soundcheck values, this lets you use replaygain on your iPod!
  • Autofill from chosen playlist
  • Save/restore to/from archive
  • Recover dead iPod even without archive
  • German translation
  • Keep basic metadata (artist, title...) in transcoded tracks. Makes it easier to recover a dead iPod.
  • Playlist deletion with Del key, playlist creation with Ins key
  • Automatically initialize factory new iPods (that don't have a iTunesDB yet)
  • Much better handling of iPod shuffle
  • A lot of bug fixes and minor improvements

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