mpressor v1.4
by Elysia
(Elysia Website)
Owned by user Stacey

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File Size: 5 MB
License Conditions:

14 Day Trial. Registration: €349.00

System Requirements:

VST/RTAS host application. The 14 days free trial period works without iLok.

Last Updated: 2013-12-09
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

The mpressor plugin is a software compressor. The specialists at Brainworx transcribed the original circuitry andl character have into software. The result is an outstanding universal compressor as well as an inspiring dynamic effects machine which will significantly enhance the potentials of your host software. The mpressor is available in RTAS, VST, AU and TDM formats.

The plugin has all the great functions of the hardware which can be combined in many ways: Auto Fast for attack makes life easy even on longer attack settings. The Anti Log function offers an alternative release curve that can be engaged for instant pumping effects. In addition to standard ratios, the mpressor also provides negative values. Combine this with its extremely fast attack times, and you will be able to create completely new signal envelopes.

The Gain Reduction Limiter regulates the virtual control voltage and keeps even the most extreme settings under control – completely independent from the threshold and ratio settings. The additional filter is a perfect fit for changing the compressed signal in its sound character. The possibility to control the mpressor by an external sidechain input to get things grooving makes for further flexibility.

Changes in v1.4

  • Bugfix for mouse wheel bug in 32-bit hosts on 64-bit Windows
  • Bugfix for keyboard bugs after text input in Pro Tools Windows
  • Licenser update (V3): Fixes and new features
  • Bugfix for parameter value display in VST3
  • Bugfix for toolbar triggering automation
  • Bugfix for window size issues
  • Bugfix for possible preset issues in Pro Tools 11
  • Fixed AAX Audiosuite latency compensation

New in v1.1.2

  • Licenser update: added toolbar and USB activation

New in v1.1.1

  • DAE/AAX AudioSuite compatibility improved
  • BugFix for audio problems with certain licenses.
  • Better mouse tracking in circular mode.
  • New presets
  • New German manual.
  • New AAX Native and 64-bit support.
  • New Plugin Alliance Licenser.

New in v1.0.4

  • VST/VST3: Fixed UI issues in WaveLab 7
  • Added parameter display

New in v1.0.3

  • VST3/AU: support multichannel configurations
  • VST3: support Presonus extensions
  • TDM: improved parameter smoothing
  • Correct Niveau Filter center frequency at lower samplerates
  • Switchable noise floor

New in v1.0.2

  • RTAS/TDM: fixed control mappings for ICON center section
  • VST3/AU: support silence flags
  • VST3: fixed preset loading
  • VST3: fixed hanging host meters on Windows
  • Decorrelated noise floor
  • Added TDM version

New in v1.0.1

  • AudioSuite: added latency compensation
  • RTAS: added control highlighting
  • AU: fixed sidechaining problem in Digital Performer
  • Added VST3 version of the plug-in
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