hypercyclic v1.5.554
by Mucoder
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VST/AU host application

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Last Updated: 2015-03-08
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Software Description

The hypercyclic is a MIDI Arpeggiator and Mangler from Mucoder.

The hypercyclic will help you create multiple rythmic variations and modulate various synthesizer parameters, giving you unique and rhythmic sounds.

With the hypercyclic, you can create MIDI patterns that you can send to other plugins or you can simply record. You can get a random sequence and a syncopated sequence and fit both into a rhythmic beat or measure.

The hypercyclic can take your music to new heights as you can come up with glitchy stutter effects, experimental modulations, two tempo syncing with LFOs. You can also go for experimental rhythmic effects and chord variations.

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New in v1.5.544

  • Upgraded x-platform layer to latest Juce version 3.0
  • 64-bit support on all platforms (Windows/Mac/Linux)
  • VST and AU plugins merged into a single file on OS X
  • Various other bugfixes and changes

New in v1.1.367

  • Same functionality but re-worked core based on tonespace 2 from Mucoder.
  • Works with 64bit OS
  • Now Dispalys LFO waveform
  • MIDI sync messages are accepted in standalone version
  • Includes a new synth for testing purposes that uses PADsynth algorithm
  • Various Bugfixes
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