PanHandler DirectX Surround Sound Plug-in
by Sonic Engineering
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The PanHandler DirectX Audio Plug-In with LCRS Matrix SURROUND Encoder (NOT AC-3) for Win95/98, WinNT 4.0, and Win2000. Requires a Windows audio application which supports DirectX plug-ins (SoundForge and Wave Lab and other Two track apps.

Last Updated: 2000-07-01
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Software Description

The PanHandler is an exciting new tool for real-time surround sound panning and encoding. It allows the production of multi-dimensional sound tracks for multimedia, video, video games, television, radio ad spots, and many other applications.

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Free Stufff????

Any one know where i can get any free abandonware softwares.( GOOD ONES )

How about a 5.1 program

Are you planning on doing a 5.1 plugin?
AC-3 is going to do nothing but gain in poplurity.

I do like your interface and it is easy to use. It would be great if
you could get it to work in Cakewalk.

Thanks and Keep Up the Good Work,

How do you hear it?

I was wondering how you are suppose to hear the effect?


Re: How do you hear it?

Hi Jimbo,

This plug-in does dolby pro logic style panning and encoding. You'll need to have a pro logic surround encoder to hear it.

You should be able to hear it in stereo somewhat. It'll sound like it's coming from inside your head. I've been told that its currently being updated to work with Sonar's DirectX Automation.


Re: How do you hear it?

The Plug-in is designed to be use in conjuntion with video. You would ultimately either brodcast the final result or put it on a VHS tape.


get with the program and purchase a Dolby Digital - DVD player for your computer and enjoy the lastest and greatest.

If you want only stereo then there's no reason to even bother.

: I was wondering how you are suppose to hear the effect?

: Thanks,
: Jimbo

Re: How do you hear it?

Presumably, you hook up the output of your sound card into a Dolby surround receiver with front/rear/center speakers. In other words, you won't hear it with regular speakers or headphones*.

* Well, OK, you might be able to hear the effect if you happen to own a 3D sound card which supports Dolby surround decoding. Supposedly it's possible to set up A3D and SBLive cards to do this.

: I was wondering how you are suppose to hear the effect?

: Thanks,
: Jimbo

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