Petri-Foo 0.1.87
by James W. Morris
(James W. Morris Website)

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Linux with Jack

Last Updated: 2012-08-17
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Software Description

Petri-Foo is a software sampler based on the Specimen Sampler Project.

The Specimen Sampler was originally developed by Pete Bessman, and thanks to the authors that have contributed, it is now updated to Petri-Foo.


  • Default patch with saw-wave sample.
  • Raw/Headerless sample file loading.
  • JACK session support.
  • Non Session Manager support with switch functionality.
  • 'Full Save' for archiving patch banks and the samples each patch uses.
  • Auto-Preview samples within the file selector.
  • User-interface updated to contemporary GTK2 standards.
  • Improved waveform rendering.
  • Improved visual indication of play and loop selections.
  • Play and loop point navigation.
  • Improved waveform zooming, and addition of mouse-wheel zooming.
  • Fading and X-Fading of sample.
  • Improved MIDI CC handling.
  • User-configurable modulation routing of ADSR, LFO, and MIDI CC.
  • Keyboard tracking, and inverted keyboard tracking.
  • Overall ADSR time scalable by keyboard tracking.
  • Per-patch velocity range.
  • Invertible velocity sensing.
  • Amplitude modulation of LFO output.
  • Removal of deprecated code, and customized PHAT library for an improved life-span.
  • Last-used directory recall.
  • Shift/Control + Left-Mouse-Click for increased slider precision.
  • JACK Audio output only, ALSA audio output removed[2].
  • Removed LASH support.
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