Praxis Live v2.2.0
by Neil C Smith
(Neil C Smith Website)

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Linux with Jack

Last Updated: 2015-11-03
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Praxis Live is a modular framework for live multimedia playing

It is a Java-based modular framework for live creative play with audio, video, images and other media.

It focuses primarily on development of generative and interactive media installations, as well as live performance.

Instead of the usual non graphics Linux applications, Praxis LIVE uses a graphical, patcher-style interface.

Praxis is developed by UK Artist and Technologist Neil C Smith, partly inspired by projects such as AudioMulch, Bidule and Isadora, and to a lesser extent Pure Data and Processing.

New in v2.2.0

  • OpenGL video pipeline updated to Processing v3.0.1 / JOGL v2.3.2.
  • Optional support for GStreamer 1.x.
  • New core:tracker component, and simple table-based tracker editor. More advanced editing features to follow.
  • New routing components - core:routing:every for allowing throughevery n-th message, and core:routing:order to prioritise dispatching of messages.
  • New audio:clock component for more stable timing in BPM (quantized to internal processing buffer size).
  • Internal (and outdated) help removed and replaced with link through to online manual at
  • TinkerForge bindings updated to v2.1.5.
  • Added ready and error ports to video:capture and video:player. Can be connected to play or pause to auto-start playback when new file or pipeline loaded.
  • Many minor bug fixes (see commit log).

New in build 130508

  • Can now create user containers
  • Animatable parameters in custom mode support a variety of interpolators
  • Provide additional MetaData information about components
  • Text editor with GLSL syntax support
  • Stereo sample player
  • JAudioLibs now on a separate repository
  • Transformed blitting
  • Renderer setting per root
  • OpenGL pipeline improvements
  • Supports OSC Input
  • TinkerForge updated to API v2
  • Various other enhancements and bugfixes

New in build 121231

  • Performance improvements tov ideo pipeline
  • UI improvements
  • 16 channel audio support
  • Early support for computing usingTinkerforge

New in build 120912

  • Added Command line player.
  • Added Exit Handlers.
  • Improved Argument property editors
  • Various bugfixes

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