by Markus Mummert

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Last Updated: 1996-04-16
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Software Description

This is a universal tool to convert sample rates of audio signals consisting of signed 16bit data, mono or stereo. It is designed as stream filter around an effcient internal structure. On-the-fly conversions while recording or playing sound are possible although they depend on CPU-speed and other specific demands. It can also be used as a low-pass filter without changing rates. Target platforms are un*x systems.

Its flexibility helps to overcome restrictions in quality, usable bandwith or rate-ratios inherent to other solutions. It is easy to outperform the quality of simple rate conversion schemes, e.g. the one which comes with the well known sound format conversion package `sox' by Lance Norskog (But `sox' seems great for all other types of format conversion).

Although standard solutions are provided be warned that there is no quick solution to meet all objectives at the same time with computational efficiency. This is because one has to trade between quality, usable bandwith and efficiency. The term `universal' implies that the trade is left up to you to decide. The provided documentation allows development of adapted solutions to the problem of rate conversion in audio or, more generally speaking, resampling of a given bandlimited function.

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