reViSiT Pro 1.7.4
by Chris Nash
(Chris Nash Website)
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Registration includes v1.5-v2.4.

System Requirements:

VST host application optional.

Last Updated: 2013-02-15
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Software Description

reViSiT is an award-winning tracker that plugs into your VST host (e.g. Cubase, Tracktion, energyXT, Renoise, etc.), offering you a fluid tracker user experience, whilst taking advantage of all the bells and whistles of professional music software - MIDI sequencing, audio recording, video synchronisation, effects processing, mastering, scoring, and so on.

reViSiT has been in development since 2004, undergoing extensive testing and refinement to produce the powerful, fast and stable platform it is today. The Professional Edition gives you additional creative freedom, with MIDI-triggered pattern playback and up to 5.1 surround sound on up to 16 flexible audio busses, allowing you to route individual samples, instruments and channels to almost anywhere in your host for further processing (effects, EQ, etc.).

Changes in v1.7.3:

  • Option to run reVisit as a Standalone program
  • New installer
  • New Set Tempo effect
  • Better MIDI Import
  • Ability to insert or delete rows in your projects
  • Host playback control

Major New Features in v1.6:

  • Pattern Layers - reVisit now allows you to layer up to 4 patterns of each other.
  • Polyphonic MIDI-triggered PatternsWith the new layer features, you can now trigger up to 4 patterns at once, the ranking of which is determined by the order in which you hit keys.
  • Pattern Browser (Esc in Pattern Editor) and Management reViSiT now offers a screen showing thumbnails of patterns
  • Significant improvements in performance and memory usage reViSiT now uses a more advanced memory handler for pattern data
  • Work flow improvements and other changes You can Reorder Patterns (Alt-R), to appear in the Pattern Editor in an order matching the Order List
  • Previous changes in reViSiT v1.5MIDI file import*, Pattern Annotations*, host window integration, faster loading times, FLAC support, improved visual aesthetic and, of course, the end of data logging for the experiment!

Major New Features in v1.4.2:

  • New Link Windows feature - This feature anchors the reViSiT editor window to the reViSiT toolbar, so that the two reViSiT windows no longer feel divorced from each other. This is designed to address the interaction issues arising from the dual-window UI (which is required to ensure keyboard support) and should make the whole user experience a little more cohesive. The setting, which is saved with the Preferences (F12), is on by default, but can be toggled using the 2nd button in the top-right control box of the editor window.
  • Significant performance improvements - Using SIMD extensions on SSE-compatible processors, audio performance has been improved by up to 80%. Basically, these optimisations allow certain parts of audio processing to do up to 4 things at once, without requiring extra threading or multi-core processing. SSE is supported on Pentium III and later processors, so reViSiT's requirements haven't changed - and, indeed, you should now get more mileage from your old laptops and netbooks.
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